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Wedding Shower Ideas for Second Marriages

Nearly fifty percent of all weddings today involve at least one person who is getting married for the second time. Wedding shower ideas for a bride who is getting married again can be difficult since she probably already has all the kitchen stuff she needs and may already have a home of her own. So if you’re looking for wedding shower ideas for a dear friend who’s in love with the right man this time, you’ll need to think beyond the traditional.

Consider a couples shower for the bride and groom together. This is becoming more popular and is a great way to get gifts that are personal yet geared to both of them. A gift certificate for both of them to get a massage or movie and dinner gift certificates will make a special day for the happy couple.

If the bride enjoys wine and liquors, you could have a “stock the bar” shower and make sure their new home is stocked with fine wines and accessories for upscale imbibing. Wine glass charms, a bottle of rare champagne, a book on wines, a fine bottle of cognac, elegant coasters, or an elegant wine rack are great gifts that can pull the bar area together beautifully.

Wedding shower ideas that focus just on her include throwing a shower that focuses on her own personal interest. Is she into fitness? Try a “health nut” shower and have each guest bring a gift that will enhance her workout routine. A new jogging suit, pedometer, yoga mat or anything else that she would be hesitant to splurge on but would love to have.

A “time of day” shower is also fun and can net some really creative gifts when guests are stuck as to what to buy the second time bride. With this, you simply give each guest a time of day to focus on and ask them to bring a gift that the bride would use at that time of day. At 7:00 am, she would love some warm, velvet slippers. At 2:00 pm, perhaps she’d like some decadent chocolate truffles for an afternoon pick-me-up. The point is to make the gifts hourly treats, not chores, so no appliances for making toast or ironing!

Putting a little thought into how the bride’s life will change in new and unique ways as a second-time bride will be sure to give you many exciting wedding shower ideas.

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