Throwing a western bridal shower or attending one can be lots of fun for everyone involved, especially if you have a particular proclivity towards cowboys, cowboy hats and horses. A bridal shower is an important occasion for the bride as it makes her feel special.

Pamper the bride every way you can by throwing a western bridal shower that she will never forget. Western bridal shower invitations in the shape of cowboy hats is an excellent way to make sure everyone comes ready to kick up their heels and have a good time. But that is only the beginning of the festivities.

Choosing Your Colors

Color is an important part of a western bridal shower. Western themes conjure up images of orange, red, blue, green, and even yellow (such as the yellow rose of Texas). Have a bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece for the shower or as a present to give the bride-to-be. A terrific idea to follow along with the western theme is to choose state flowers that hail from the western states. Examples are the sego lilies (the Utah state flower) and the Texas state flower, which is the bluebonnet. Add miniature shapes of cowboy hats, lasso ropes and horseshoes into the bouquet. A bride with a western side is bound to love it.

Make sure you decorate your home appropriately for the western bridal shower occasion. Feature horseshoes, cowboy hats, pictures of cowboys and horses, bales of hay and whatever you know will appeal to the bride’s likes. If you run out of ideas surrounding the western theme, ask for input from other invited guests.

Food is Always an Essential Part of a Western Bridal Shower

If you choose to serve appetizers here is an idea that is sure to make a splash- buy small to medium sized cowboy hats and turn them upside down, line them with bandanas and then fill them with potato chips, pretzels, nuts, trail mix, popcorn, raisins, crackers, or candy treats such as chocolate mints, licorice, jelly beans and so on. Another thing you could do is to purchases chocolate candy shaped like cowboy boots or hats if you can find a store that sells such a thing.

Suggestions for the main course to serve the ladies (if you choose to have a main course) include fried chicken, ribs, or steaks accompanies by macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and baked beans. Barbequed food suits a western them as well. If the bridal shower is held during the hot summer months this might be the way you wish to prepare food for the guests. For dessert serve yummy cupcakes, cookies or squares that feature fun western shapes such as cowboy hats, horses and wagon wheels.

Don’t Forget Dressing and Music

Dress for the occasion if you so desire by wearing plaid shirts and jeans or denim dresses and cowboy boots. And don’t forget to wear a bandana around your neck and a cowboy hart on your head! Get into the spirit of the theme with western girl outfits. Give prizes for the best costumes.

For music, play all of your favorite country artists. If games appeal to you and your guests, then play a game that harkens back to your childhood days. Turn “pin the tail on the donkey” into “pin the tail on the cow, rodeo horse or rodeo bull” and have a hoot! Throw up your cowboy hats in celebration and make sure a good time is had by all!